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What we do

Rhinos contributes to the happiness of the clients, ourselves and the society.

Stated above is the Rhinos’ purpose of establishment. Returns and happiness of the clients who trusted their valuable assets to Rhinos come before everything else. Based on this, we pursue the happiness of Rhinos’ executives and employees, and embrace social responsibility of living together sincerely and pleasantly.


Rhinos invests with limited downside exposure and unlimited upside potential.

  1. Rhinos protects investment against loss.

  2. Rhinos invests with unlimited upside potential and pursues high return.


Rhinos protects investment against loss.

The most important thing to increase assets is to protect investment against the possibility of loss. A huge loss is destructive in increasing assets. Rhinos invests with limited downside exposure in the following ways.

Rhinos invests in global investable assets which have limited downside exposure.

  1. Equity linked bonds whose principal and interest are redeemable as a bond in a bear market

  2. SPACs whose principal and interest are secured through liquidation dividends and appraisal rights in a bear market
    Besides, investable assets which have same profit and loss structure as stated above

Rhinos limits downside exposure through structuring.

  1. Removal of downside exposure through ABS

  2. Derivatives structured with limited downside exposure, etc.

Rhinos absorbs the loss in the front line to limit downside exposure for the clients.

Rhinos invests in funds together with the clients, especially in the subordinate tranche of the funds. In case of the loss, Rhinos absorbs the loss first and protects principal and interest of the clients.

Since Rhinos invests with limited downside exposure as above, Rhinos could protect the loss when the market changes suddenly or the price of stock moves unexpectedly.

Rhinos invests with unlimited upside potential and pursues high return.

Making expected returns high is also important as limiting downside exposure. Even though the loss is limited, valuable assets of the clients could not increase with low expected returns. Rhinos avoids investment in low expected return just because of the stability. Rhinos manages funds with unlimited upside potential by selecting assets which have a strong story of growth and rise.


Rhinos analyzes global assets and screen investable assets. Rhinos selects investable assets in the extensive pool of global assets from the developed market to the emerging market beyond Korea. Therefore, it is possible to hand-pick the assets which have the more attractive and the more powerful growth story.

Since already preventing the loss through the characteristics of investable asset and structuring, Rhinos focuses on finding investable assets which could earn high returns. 


Devotion of the best qualified professionals

Rhinos is confident that the fund managing skills of executives and employees as well as their devotion to managing funds are the best in the field. Rhinos fund managers basically have experience in investment and corporate finance of the primary market and plentiful experience in various fields such as global mezzanine investment including Korea, structuring, M&A, venture capital, PEF, and etc. 

Since Rhinos, a youthful and well-trained institution, not only analyzes global investable assets deeply, but is also capable of structuring, Rhinos offers totally differentiated services compared to the other typical fund managers simply just focusing on the trade.

Rhinos’ executives and employees mostly consist of the main members who developed With Investment which was established in 2011 with KRW 7 billion capital stock into the company with KRW 25 billion total equity in just 5 years through the global mezzanine investment. With Investment is the major client of Rhinos.

After changing to the asset management in 2016 from the investment advisory,

  1. For the first time in Korea, Rhinos directly manages global convertible bonds of the developed markets (US, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe).

  2. For the first time in Korea, Rhinos invested in the convertible bond of the Vietnamese market leading company by single subscription.

  3. For the first time in Korea, Rhinos manages funds which invests in domestic convertible bonds and foreign convertible bonds by 50% respectively.

  4. For the first time in Korea, Rhinos invests in term deposits of the Development Bank of Mongolia and has an exclusive right for 3 years.

  5. In case of domestic convertible bond funds, Rhinos set up the fund after determining investable assets to avoid the situation where it is difficult to find well-chosen investable assets.

  6. For the first time in Korea, Rhinos manages funds which combine SPACs and convertible bonds. 

In addition, Rhinos is supposed to launch new funds with limited downside exposure and unlimited upside potential continuously. It is possible because Rhinos consists of members who have plentiful experience in the global market, structuring, and mezzanine. The clients just have to believe in Rhinos comfortably with limited downside exposure and focus on other works. Rhinos would devote all of the efforts for high returns of the clients.


Investment together with the clients

Rhinos invests all of its assets in the Rhinos funds together with the clients, and does not manage its own asset fund separately. In the future, Rhinos is not only supposed to invest in the Rhinos funds together with the clients consistently, but also plans to invest in the subordinate tranche which absorbs the loss first in case of the loss. This decision is so reasonable because Rhinos is confident that Rhinos is the best in the field in terms of the return compared to the risk.

Rhinos Asset Management co., ltd

TEL : +82 02 6710 7272


(709A CCMM Bldg) Yeouigongwon-ro 101, Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul Korea

ⓒ 2017 by RHINOS Asset Management.

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