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Rhinos contributes to the happiness of the clients, ourselves and the society.

About Rhinos

After changing to the asset management in 2016 from the investment advisory,For the first time in Korea, Rhinos directly manages global convertible bonds of the developed markets (US, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe ).

What We do

Rhinos selects investable assets in the extensive pool of global assets from the developed market to the emerging market beyond Korea. Therefore, it is possible to hand-pick the assets which have the more attractive and the more powerful growth story.


Since Rhinos, a youthful and well-trained institution, not only analyzes global investable assets deeply, but is also capable of structuring, Rhinos offers totally differentiated services compared to the other typical fund managers simply just focusing on the trade.

Rhinos Asset Management co., ltd

TEL : +82 02 6710 7272


(709A CCMM Bldg) Yeouigongwon-ro 101, Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul Korea

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