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CEO’s Message

Thank you for visiting the Rhinos homepage.

“Well-established asset management and contribution to the society”. Rhinos is the company where executives and employees pursue the happiness with a fiduciary duty.

We realize well-established management by ‘investment with limited downside exposure and unlimited upside potential’. It is only possible to upgrade the assets when investing confidently in relief with limited downside exposure and pursuing returns upward. Investment in unstable assets little by little is meaningless, even if the return is high. Investment in low return assets just because of the safety cannot upgrade the clients’ assets.




Even though many people insist on safe investment, investment with limited downside exposure is impossible when just depending on market expectation and good stocks. The reason is that the market & stock frequently move unexpectedly, and the price drop of many assets is unavoidable in case of market crisis

One of the most important goals for Rhinos is to manage all of the funds without any losses at maturity, and Rhinos is confident about this goal in any crisis.

Rhinos’ executives and employees work with all of sincerity and passion not to increase the AUM as much as possible, but to make high returns and find good investable assets.

‘Brand-new asset management, well-established asset management, globally extensive asset management’. This is why Rhinos confidently tells to the clients that they should believe in Rhinos.

Our company name means rhinoceros. With the pride that ‘we are the best in the field in terms of the risk compared to the return’, Rhinos would move consistently forward for the returns of the clients.

Lastly, here is the Rhinos’ final comment for the clients.

Please trust your assets for Rhinos, and focus on your livings or enjoy your hobbies. Young rhinoceroses would protect and upgrade your assets with the best capability and devotion.

Thank you very much.

Rhinos Asset Management co., ltd

TEL : +82 02 6710 7272


(709A CCMM Bldg) Yeouigongwon-ro 101, Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul Korea

ⓒ 2017 by RHINOS Asset Management.

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